What women want

We all remember Mel Gibson in the comedy “What women want”. Apparently, men don’t have to go through all that in order to discover what women really want.

A research was made on Valentine’s Day claims that young women look for five special traits in their partner. He wants to have a family, a great sense of humor shares the same values and it’s emotionally and sexually compatible with her. But the perfect date for young single persons is more complex than that.

As for the young men, they want their partners to have a good physical appearance and share a sexual chemistry with them. Also, for guys, the level of the studies is more important than it is for women.

The research was aiming also the importance of social media in young people lives. Two of ten people believe that Facebook can help the find a partner. Men are more optimistic than women when it comes to online dating apps, believing that there it might be a small chance to find your soulmate there. The ladies remain old fashioned and prefer the real-life search for a partner.

8 out of 10 believe that a relationship is a very big commitment and responsibility. Less young people are getting married and the study reveals the reason. They think that bonding for life trough marriage is a huge responsibility they are not willing to take at the moment. Regardless of what everyone might think, the ones that are currently in a relationship believe that marriage is too much for them, opposed to the singles, who don’t see marriage as a problem.