Are you Creepy?

At least once in our lives, we all met someone… creepy, let’s say. Because there is not a politically correct synonym for that and creepily is just creepy, some researchers decide to measure the level of creepiness.

A study made by the specialist at Knox College analyzed over 1300 persons in the attempt to define the concept of creepiness. The idea came up when they realized everyone is using the word, but no one can define it properly.

Some of the things people consider creepy are often just words or acts that come in contradiction with would they might consider normal. For example, if you talk too much about sex or drinking or spiritual issues in a place that is not meant for that conversation, the people might consider you creepy. That’s the good parts. The bad part is that people tend to stigmatize other people by their looks or physical treats.

That feeling of creepiness is actually an emotional response of human brain in a state of confusion. For example, if someone or a situation is not in a full concordance with you patterns of lifestyle or believes, that person doesn’t recognize the information. Should he be threatened or scared? The creepy feeling is described as a state between fear and disgust, the researchers said.

The main teacher that conducted the study is currently working on a book about creepiness and want to find out more about people’s emotional reactions to that. He also considers the hypothesis that creepy people cannot realize that they are creepy.