Huge brands like Kelloggs, Visa or T-Mobile refuse to advertise at Breitbart after a massive online campaign.

The far-right company had some giant clients advertising there for years, but after the former chief of the news network joined Donald Trump’s team and the publication stated some racist and misogynist affirmations in the form of articles. Stephen Bannon declared last year that the platform he was in charge of was for the alt-right.

International companies like Lufthansa, Telekom or BMW have already canceled their contracts with the platform, saying the network has a strong radical content, in terms of violence, sexism, extremism and political views.

The campaign against Breitbart seems to work not only for the big clients. As the network wants to expand all over the world, people worldwide started buying URLs with foreign extensions, like, for example, so they can stop the platform to develop any further.

There is also a petition that asks Amazon to quit the contract with the network, and it has already reached half-a-million signatures.

Over 1,100 companies promised to change their media plans and cancel any kind of deals with the website and sources say that these were all pre-existing clients.

The campaign lead by Emma Pullman and Sleeping Giants seems to expand more and more each day. She said that this is the only way that people can fight against racism and xenophobia that are coming from the news network, and also send a strong message for the president and his team.

Breitbart was contacted by the media but they didn’t want to comment on the subject.