The rumors regarding the ‘special bond’ shared by Angelina Jolie and Jared Leto started to amplify more and more.

Apparently, the Oscar-winning actor is falling pretty quick for the Brad Pitt’s ex-wife.

American tabloid Star Magazine reported the 41-year-old actress became super attached to Jared, who is four years older than her.

Apparently, the Dallas Buyers Club star helped Angie to surpass the difficult moments and breakdowns triggered by her divorce.

As reported by some inside sources, even if at the beginning the bond seemed like this beautiful friendship, things are at a whole new level now.

Both Jared and Angie hate traditions and they are the most unconventional people in Hollywood.

The fact that they have so much in common brought them together and they are crazy about each other and the actor it’s the man exactly that Angelina needs rights now.

The new couple met in the famous hotel Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles and they shared the funniest conversation.

Apparently, Jared’s casual and relaxed attitude brought the brightest smile on the brunette’s face.

Meanwhile, her ex-husband is also busy with former co-star Kate Hudson.

Kate and Brad are on the verge of moving in together and the beans were spilled by her mother Goldie.

Goldie shared to a group of friends that Brad and Kate are head over in love with each other.

Both actors are involved in a relationship for more than two months and they are happier than ever.

Kate Hudson has two sons from her previous relationships.