Syrian President Bashar al-Assad believes the executive order adopted by Donald Trump is meant for terrorists and not for Syrian citizens.

During his last interview, al-Assad seemed almost thrilled by the restriction imposed by Trump.

‘He is against terrorists, who might infiltrate among some Western immigrants. And that happened indeed. It’s happening in all across Europe’

‘I believe Trump’s order is meant to prevent those people from entering the country. It’s not against Syrians’, declared the state leader for Europa 1.

The US President mentioned that his order, that generated massive protests and confusion across the country, was indeed addressed exclusively to terrorists.

The new administration must pass the test of suspending the order, a rumor confirmed by numerous courtrooms.

The Syrian regime criticized the Western states with every single occasion for their support towards the rebel organizations, labeled by the Damascus Administration as terrorists.

According to Bashar al-Assad, this kind of support will lead to terrorist attack triggered all around the world.

The president never established a clear set of restrictions regarding al-Assad’s state, but he did mention that he will no longer support the insurgents because they want to fix their relation with the Kremlin, whose leader is al-Assad’s most powerful supporter.

Asked if Trump’s policy is appropriate, Assad refused to answer, adding that he is not aware of Donald Trump’s plans regarding Syria.

In January, Donald Trump signed an executive order which bans immigrants from seven Muslim states from traveling to U.S.