Women in Washington are going on strike. The leaders of Women’s March in DC have announced the date when they are going to show everyone how life without women should be. And the symbolism of the movement is even bigger, especially because they are planning to do that on March 8th, on the International Women’s Day.

Over one million of women protested in January in the State’s Capital against Trump’s policies and administration. The organizers want to make another statement in March, calling the protesters back in front of the White House and ask for their rights.

The information posted online is still undetailed, but the organizers announced their support to another strike scheduled on Friday, a movement for Democratic Principles.

The leaders of this movement said on their platform that they will support over one hundred strikes all over the country and that they want to develop some massive movements to protect their rights, stand up to Trump’s administration and protect the country’s principles of democracy.   Strike4Democracy is an organization that seems to be very active on social media, supporting any kind of protest against the violation of rights.

After the president inauguration, huge crowds of women gathered in all the cities across America, in what it was called “The Women’s March”.  Over one million persons protested back in January. That inspired the organizers to give birth to another project. “10 actions for the First 100 Days” is meant to underline all the social issues the country is dealing with, in 10 different actions during the first 100 days of Trump presidency.