Losing weight seems a concern that many have in mind. Achieving this goal can be pretty hard.

A key to this struggle might be fasting. Not only that it will help you shed the extra pounds, but is also healthy.

If you fast or just eat lightly constantly, you will notice the change real fast.

On Wednesday, a group of researchers revealed their latest study. People that ate for just five days monthly a special diet experienced some real changes regarding their health. The blood pressure and the level of cholesterol were decreased and the body fat was also affected.

In three months, the ones that had this diet, shed five pounds.

They had a control over the level of sugar in the blood, inflammation was gone and decreased the risks of developing certain diseases, such as diabetes.

This diet is formed of a special line that includes tea, soups and bars of food. The calories are few, ranging from 750 to maximum 1,100.

The diet is entitled “fast-mimicking” and has serious benefits. Until now, no adverse reaction was encountered.

The products that are part of this diet are made by Longo. After researchers studied it, they gave their approval as it contains unsaturated fats and nutrients coming from plants.

They ran a study. People tried to keep this diet only for a few days a month.

The production company tested these products for a long time to ensure the best results are coming out of it. The benefits are real.