The president of FIFA declared on Thursday that he has no worries about the danger of hooligans at the World Cup in Russia.

After some violent conflicts last year and the Russian supporters who already “guaranteed the trouble”, all eyes are on the security measures that the officials should take for the biggest football event that will take place next year in Russia.

Gianni Infantino, FIFA president stated that he has absolutely no worries about the alleged hooligans and he doesn’t think that there will be any trouble with the fans.

Also, he stated that the officials are considering that multiple hosts would organize the World Cup 2026. He is hoping that the countries will have common boundaries or at least be close to one another so that the supporters won’t have any difficulties to travel from one game to another. This is only a plan for the officials, as the auction for the event hasn’t begun yet.

Infantino was on an official visit to Qatar and discussed with the sports media a lot of actual subjects. He talked about the opportunity to bring more countries together in order to create and open the gates to a bigger sports event, so there can be also a tourism and economic aspects of the most important tournament of the world. The football organism is looking to create an event where each country involved in the competition could present 3 to 5 stadiums each, or at least a project that has sustainability.

Euro 2020 will be hosted by 13 cities.