This clearly isn’t the first time when a celebrity has trouble with the law, right?

But, it’s definitely a prime time when a Hollywood star is accused of rape.

Mike Comrie, Hillary Duff’s ex-husband, is currently being investigated for sexual molestation.

According to the rumors that are circulating in most American press agencies, a woman claims that Mike Comrie raped her in his apartment in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

The woman, whose identity was not disclosed, told the authorities that she met Mike, aged 36 years, in a bar.

After chatting for a while, she agreed to go to his place where he had raped her several times.

After managing to escape the rapist’s apartment, the woman, visibly affected, rushed to the nearest clinique in Los Angeles.

The woman specifically requested the doctors to collect samples from her vagina. So, she could prove that she had suffered an abduction.

Of course, Mike’s close friends from his entourage claimed that there is impossible for the woman to be right.

Apparently, that’s because the sex happened with the consent of the two.

Also, the star had known the woman for a long time.

We remind you that Mike Comrie has been Hilary Duff’s partner from 2010 until February 2016, when the two filed the papers for divorce.

However, the two broke up in January 2014, deciding that their son, Luke, should remain in the custody of the actress.

Over the time, Mike proved to be an affectionate father, very concerned about his son’s development.

Also, Hilary has only words of praise when it comes to her former husband.