A group of Orthodox Jewish men generated chaos in a plane after they refused to sit next to women.

The plane was heading to London after its departure in Tel Aviv. The crew was forced to ask for the help of the authorities at 30.000ft in the air after the men began to misbehave.

According to the crew, the incident was the worst they have seen in years. The men refused to move from the aisle until the crew members didn’t find them places on the plane that were not next to women. Some of them even plugged their smartphones on the plane’s control panel and insisted on ringing the service button.

The Jewish media wrote shortly after the incident that around 10 ultra-Orthodox cause chaos on a plane belonging to EasyJet company.

Officials from the police said that before the take off some of the women on the plane moved from their seats just to make sure the plane will leave to its destination, but once they got up in the air, the men started to cause trouble, abusing the passengers and the crew members.

Bedfordshire Police officers waited for the plane to land on Luton London and investigated the group that caused trouble on the EasyJet’s flight. The officers noted in a statement that at 5.55pm on February 13th, they interrogated the group in order to see if any offenses have been made. They stated that they weren’t found guilty of anything and let them go shortly after the interrogation.