iPhone 8 could have a 3D laser scanner for biometric security of the data stored by the users.

Allegedly, iPhone 8 will have an integrated 3D laser instead of a Touch ID.

Apple is planning to get rid of the finger reader pass completely.

The new 5.8-inch screen of the iPhone 8 will have a section dedicated to functions that were normally done using the Home button.

But, apparently, the finger reader will disappear along with the central button.

To enable the security of the device, Apple folks thought of introducing biometric features.

Apple plans to implement a 3D laser scanner in the new terminal.

This would allow the facial recognition of users.

But, it seems that Apple would like to use this feature in an augmented reality system that will be developed by the company.

A variety of technologies would allow the implementation of a 3D laser scanner, but it is hard to say what Apple will choose to deliver us.

A 3D laser scanner will require more space, especially because Apple should implement it at the top, so it is questionable whether iPhone will indeed have this feature or not.

However, it’s not impossible to achieve it.

Using this technology, iPhone might recognize its user. Also, various objects around it and people who are in front of the 3D scanner.

Augmented reality can have an extremely important role here.

For now, these are just speculations.

Apparently, Apple did not confirm yet the rumors.

Yet, if Apple will implement a 3D laser in iPhone 8, this would explain, to some extent, its high price.

Seemingly, iPhone 8 would cost around $ 1000.