Warner Bros is negotiating with Mel Gibson to direct the follow-up of Suicide Squad. The first part of the movie was directed by David Ayer and now they want to bring the actor to lead the series. The sources in Hollywood say that the two parts are still in the negotiating phase, and no comments have been made on the subject.

While Gibson wants to familiarize with the script, the company has an open list regarding the possible next director. Warner Bros are thinking about Daniel Espinosa, also.

David Ayer was in charge of the first movie, with big names starring, like Margot Robbie or Will Smith. The film faces some obstacles during the production phase but eventually came out as another Hollywood success, with an income of $745 million all around the world, enough to make the producers think about a follow-up.

Suicide Squad told the adventure of some villains that are forced to work for the state so that they can get an easier sentence.

After Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge, had a nomination at the Oscar, made the Warner Bros want to court him and make the most of his artistic skills. This brings a huge improvement of his image after in 2000 made some anti-Semitic statements and has been found driving while he was drunk and eventually lost the studio work also.

Hacksaw Ridge was the point of turnover for Mel Gibson, as he is having now many offers from the studios. He is also negotiating for directing movies like Daddy’s Home 2 and Dragged Across Concrete