The First Lady came to Washington, so her and her husband can welcome the foreign leaders that came for an official visit.

The Israeli Prime Minister and his wife paid the presidential couple a visit at the White House.

The two ladies seemed to like each other and seemed to enjoy spending time together. Melania looked happy to be at the White House. She looked great in a white ensemble created by Karl Lagerfeld.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu is the fourth foreign leader to come and meet the president.

This is the first time the First Lady comes to the White House since Trump had his inauguration weekend.

The PM arrived at noon and was greeted by the Trumps. They stood for pictures. Later, they all had a chat. Trump’s daughter, Ivanka and Jared Kushner also greeted the foreign couple.

The two leaders had a press conference.

Melania and Sara, the PM’s wife, spend some time together. The two ladies visited the Smithsonian museum and took a tour around the White House.

Melania and her step-daughter didn’t exchange too many words during the meeting and seemed really cold towards each other.

According to sources close to the family, Melania still hasn’t coped with the fact that she is the First Lady. She has a hard time dealing with it as it was something she didn’t want to do. Another insider claims that she barely left her apartment in New York. She is going through a not so good period.

However, she seemed happy to return to the White House. She also met the president the last weekends for Mar-a-Lago.