Scarlet Johansson gave an interview to “Playboy” magazine in which she revealed some rather controversial thoughts. The actress and her husband, with whom she has a baby, split up recently.

She revealed that a marriage doesn’t come easy on her, as it involves so much work. She doesn’t believe in a relationship that will last ‘till the end of life.

Further on, Johansson reveals that she doesn’t believe in monogamy. She is not a person that can do this. The work it involves is too much for her. Because it’s such a hard work and everybody seems to struggle with it, she thinks it’s not normal.

Scarlet does have respect for monogamy, but it’s not some instinctual.

Scientists weighed in and said what they think of monogamy. A doctor that specializes in couples’ therapy said that it’s definitely something that isn’t natural. If we think about evolution, then all that humans need to do is continue the species and be with as many people as possible.

This wasn’t an instinct at first, but as people went through evolution, they developed the need to form families. The original instincts still have left a trace.

Another expert thinks that a main need humans have is the feeling that you matter to someone. Being with someone new feels new and exhilarating, but most sacrifice this just to have that someone that already cares.

Sometimes in relationships, partners become bored and that can lead to a rupture.

Although monogamy is hard, it is sometimes worth the while.