An appeal court decided that the man who was found in Sandra Bullock’s home had his rights violated after the police searched his house and found illegal arms.

Joshua James Corbett gave his consent for the police to search his house and a jury of three ruled that that was a violation of his right to remain silent and also checking his home was against the law.

He was arrested in 2014 after the actress found him in her residence and had to hide in a closet until the officers arrived. He was retained for stalking and burglary and he is currently in jail, with a bail of over 2 million dollars.

Corbett was found unarmed at Bullock’s house, but after they searched his home, the policemen found illegal firearms and they tried to bring more accusations for the automatic weapons. The court denied the officers to charge him with holding assault weapons after he declared that at the moment of his arrest he wasn’t allowed to make any phone calls and repeatedly said he doesn’t want to be interviewed. The jury unanimously decided that his rights on The Fifth Amendment were violated.

Joshua James Corbett claims he was going to a drug withdrawal when the police questioned him and his mind wasn’t clear back then and that the officers were threatening his family to allow them to search the house.

The decision of the Appeal Court on Tuesday was taken unanimously by all three judges and they also mentioned a note sent by one of the detectives to the prosecutor who was handling the case, saying that the problem doesn’t look good and she hopes there won’t be a trial.