Shania Twain is ready for new music. The singer hasn’t released a new album in over fifteen years, now she is back and stronger than ever.

During these years, she has confronted with the worst thing that a singer can have: because of a disease she lost her voice. She received voice therapy for years. Now, she sounds different and according to her, is a changed singer.

Although it was hard to cope with It, she moved on and is now ready for a fresh start.

In 2010, the singer divorced from her husband and she thinks the stress that came with it also lead to the illness. Her partner was also her manager. Her divorce was highly mediatized as her husband cheated on her with her best friend. After the divorce, Twain revealed she is engaged with her best friend’s ex. This is a lot of drama to take.

She drew the inspiration for her album from the sad experiences she went through. She has songs about her unhappy marriage and divorce. One of the songs expressed the fighter in her, says the artist.

She also has one about her fiancée. She managed to found happiness with him again.

Twain says that her music changed a lot. Some of the tracks are melancholic and dark, much different than what she was used to.

Writing again helped a lot and helped her cope with was going on in her life. The fact that she hasn’t released something new in so many years was also a thing that stressed her out.

Now, she knows that the industry is much different than what she experienced before, but she is confident.

Fans are definitely happy to see her well again and hear new music from a true 90’s icon.