A new study has been made in the United Kingdom and it is meant to raise awareness all around the professional athletes around the world. The analysis shows that soccer players are more inclined to develop neurological conditions, compared to the rest of the population. The research was made on 40 ex-players who suffer from dementia and hospitalized in Wales until 2010.

The scientists noticed the observation signs of chronic encephalopathies in soccer players after it already has been confirmed that the boxers and football players have that kind of condition also, due to the frequency of the head hits during their career.

The study revealed that ex-players who presented cerebral damage also suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. The doctors cannot explain the evidence between the two conditions, but most likely is a combination of the injuries factor and the head damage. The author of the study says the specialists need to perform a larger study and all the professional organizations should cooperate and be involved in the research, including FIFA, so the damage can be prevented on the soccer players.

The first signs of dementia of the studied patients show up pretty early in their life, compared to the rest of the people. At 65 years old, the soccer players had the first symptoms, 10 years earlier that the majority of the sufferers.

Unlike the boxers or American football players, the soccer player is rarely victims of violent head injuries that can make them lose consciousness. The damage is caused by what the specialists define as repeated impact, without commotion.