We already know that Facebook has a powerful search function.

But, there are many other methods you can apply, much more than you have ever imagined.

We’re all little stalkers, in one way or another, from time to time.

The search function integrated to Facebook is quite versatile and allows you to search not only people, but also photographs that someone has liked, for example.

For each of these searches you must use a certain phrase, so you can get the results you care about.

It can be difficult sometimes, whether you want to spy on someone or just to find out what things you have liked a few months ago.

StalkScan is a pretty ingenious app.

You get rid of all difficulties with regard to seeking information about yourself or someone else.

First of all, you should know from the very beginning that the information you can access via the app is solely the info that is already public.

The app does not violate the privacy settings of your account.

Thus, “only me” stays “only me”. Nothing that is truly private will be displayed.

The rest, however, it’s available.

All you need, in order to perform such searches, is the Facebook link to the profile that you want to analyze.

For a more refined search, you can choose in the “Available options” if you want to see just one item in a given year.

The other columns give you access to profiles, tag contents, comments, likes, check-ins, interests and friends, depending on certain factors.

Furthermore, each of these columns comes with a significant number of options by which you can find almost everything someone liked in the past.

So, if you want to be a professional stalker or if you want to clean your profile of posts that do not longer represent yourself, StalkScan is a great option.