The Thai police started a raid in a Buddhist temple just outside the city to search for a friar suspected with fraud. The action took place on Thursday, after a few unsuccessful attempts to arrest the monk, as he was defended by his addicts.

The monk in Wat Dhammakaya is thought to hide in the temple’s area for months. The 72-year-old monk claims he is too ill to make any declarations to the police and there is no reason to do that anyway, as they are politically controlled and don’t have any proves against him.

The spiritual leader is accused of money laundering.  The men of the law started the search of any evidence that might help them in a trial against the monk. Officers tried to do that last summer also, but then they were obstructed by Dhammajayo’s supporters who believe he has no blame and this is an abuse of the Thai authorities. Around 4000 people were gathered last summer in the front of the sanctuary, making sure that no one can come in or out of the area.

On the other hand, the policemen say that he should come out and talk to them about the alleged accusation, claiming that if he is truly blameless, then he shouldn’t be worried about a trial. They believe that he has been stealing money from the compound and from the other monks, using them for personal purposes.

The temple is now under the control of military forces, as Thailand is a country led by the martial powers for 3 years.