The violence in Chicago seems to never come to an end.

Since Saturday, three kids were shot to death. The police department from the state has no idea how to fight violence.

Unfortunately, the kids were killed by mistake, as the gunfire wasn’t aiming them, but a group.

The number of deaths created by attacks in this state is striking. In 2016, more than seven hundred people were murdered, while in the recent weeks, seventy crimes were already encountered.

A man was already charged in the last murders. He is aged nineteen and was arrested Tuesday. He is responsible for murdering a 11-year-old. The murder took place in his neighborhood, he was trying to shoot some marijuana sellers, but instead, he shot the child.

The man hit the child in the head. It was a girl and she was waiting in the car.

The police found him after asking eyewitnesses and after checking cameras from the area. The criminal turned himself in and asked for a lawyer in the same day. He appeared in front of the court yesterday.

 A 12-year-old was killed on the same day. The child was playing Basketball. He was held on life support, but nothing could have been done to save him.

The younger one that was killed is aged two. Another people were injured. A suspect is already targeted by the police.

A shooting was filmed and posted on Facebook live.

Many hope to see the violence decrease in the state. It is definitely shocking what is happening right now.