If you are working for one of these companies, you might know that you have some money to receive. The UK government published the list that puts a name and a face on the most shamed companies in their relation with the employees.

The campaign started in 4 years ago, when the Government published the first list, so that all the people working in the United Kingdom should know their legal right and what they should get as a minimum income, according to the law.

Business minister says the campaign is very important for all human rights and there are more than 1500 companies that are not respecting the law and neither their employees, in all sectors, from retail, hairdressers, hospitality and social care.

The list in 2017 states that there are over 350 companies in the UK that have to pay their workers around one million pounds.

The most shamed company is Debenhams, accused they still have to pay around 12.000 workers with almost 135 000 pounds. The giant’s representatives say that there was a calculation error in their system and they didn’t do that on purpose. However, there are thousands of workers who received with 10 pounds less on their pay day.

The companies’ usual excuses for underpaying their employees are that they are working also for tips and that could raise their income, or they have to pay for the office parties around Christmas and making them pay for their uniforms.

The unions are thrilled that something is finally happening for the workers right, but they declared they would like to see more prosecutions. Only 13 companies have been prosecuted for underpaying their employees since 2007.