Jennifer Aniston is definitely a good looking woman, but how come she has this amazing body at her almost 50 years old?

The actress looks better than ever, even if she was never the skinny type.

Last weekend, she celebrated her 48th birthday in Mexico, showcasing a body worthy of a young woman aged 28.

What’s her secret?

Well, Aniston found an ingenious solution.

Here is exactly how the actress managed to have this enviable body!

She replaced the meat with vegetable proteins and eggs.

Pasta is the guilty pleasure of Aniston.

However, when she wants to enjoy such a dish, she turns to vegetable lasagna made of zucchini, eggplant and a layer of cheese, then everything goes into the oven.

Also, Jen’s breakfast is full of nutrients.

The actress confessed that she has three extremely healthy meals a day.

Sometimes, her morning meal consists of a smoothie- banana, cherry, almond, cocoa, almond milk and protein powder.

Other days, she opts for an egg over a slice of bread and avocado.

Her third option is really interesting – omelet with egg whites with a little oatmeal.

Here is Jen’s breakfast.

Jennifer keeps a balanced diet throughout the year: “I never lose control over eating”.

Aniston has a healthy lifestyle, whether on vacation, at work or at home. She eats as many vegetables as possible, keeps the sugar intake low, drinks plenty of water and rests 8 hours a night.

Also, sport is very important. Aniston is a yoga fan. Variety is the key. She does her circuit every morning – 15 minutes feet exercises, 15 minutes pedaling a bike, 15 minutes running.