Kim Kardashian went in October through a traumatizing event that really left a mark on her.

Now, apparently, her husband wants her to come to the French capital for the fashion week.

Five months have passed and Kim definitely looks like she is doing better, but the incident definitely scared her.

The fashion week starts in Paris on the 28th. The couple attended it many times before and when she was robbed, she was in Paris for the same reason.

Just like Kim, Kanye shares a passion for fashion, one possibly even bigger than hers.

This week, the rapper turned designer held his show in New York, where he always held his fashion events. Kim was by his side and brought some family members along. The reality star gushed about her husband and his great collection on social media.

Kendall Jenner, the It model of the moment, will be in Paris and will walk the runways for several designers.

It’s still not clear if Kim accepted his proposal. She avoided the place since the awful incident.

She usually goes there for her best friend’s Olivier Rousteing’s show for Balmain, one of her favorite houses.

The event scared the celeb so much that she had to go through therapy. Also, she stepped out of the light for a few months, which is very unusual for the Queen of social media.

Since the incident, a few suspects were charged by the French police and one seems to be the guilty one. Kim had jewelry estimated at ten million dollars stolen.

Maybe Kim will be brave and join her husband.