Lisa Marie Presley had her two daughters taken away from her after her ex-husband did a terrible thing.

Elvis Presley’s daughter has a pair of twins aged eight: Harper and Finley.

It was revealed that her husband, Michael, has a series of very disturbing pictures on his computer. Lisa was the one who found them.

The two girls were taken by the family services and are now in their custody.

Lisa will have a chance to get her girls back in March, when a trial has been scheduled.

According to the papers filed in court, the mother was horrified when she made the shocking discovery.

The police department from California investigated their house. They found over eighty devices of Michael’s and took them for further investigation.

An authority from Tennessee is also investigating the photographs and the footages.

The mother of four fears that there could be more pictures than what she found.

She and Michael, aged 55, got married in 2006 and had a lavish wedding. Lisa was married before, to Michael Jackson, Nicholas Cage and before Michael, Danny Keough. She has two more children.

Lisa and her husband separated in 2016. She says that she has to keep two of her nannies on watch when Michael comes to visit the children.

They still haven’t reached a divorce settlement. Her ex demands the prenup to be rejected and now wants spousal support. Apparently, all of Lisa’s fortune is gone. Her ex thinks she still has a lot of money, but she doesn’t admit it.