Manchester United seems to have a great season so far. With their latest win, they are confident in their forces more than ever.

The British club just beat St Etienne with a score of three to zero.

Like always, the star of the game was Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is keen on winning and taking his team to the cup.

He and the French team have a history together. In the thirteen games played against them, Zlatan scored fourteen times. At that time, he was playing for Paris Saint-Germain.

The 35-year-old is a true star. Against St Etienne, he managed to score more any other team. The French definitely did not stood a chance in front of him.

Zlatan revealed that he always has luck when he plays against them, he manages to score even if he hasn’t got his mind set on it.

As revealed earlier this week and then again, Zlatan’s ultimate goal this season is to get to the Europe League. Next week, the team has another big game and he wants to win more than ever. If they keep it like this, then the chances are big.

Although he does great with this club, his contract expires next season. The manager, Jose Mourinho, will have to pray for his stay, as he is the best player they have.

Ibrahimovic pretty much did all the work when it came to scoring. The win is owed to him, but we have to admit that all the team was in a good shape.

Although the luck has been on their side until now, he wants the team to continue to work hard. Until now, they are in the fight for all four cups.