At the end of this week, all American businesses are taking measures against the president and his immigration ban.

 A museum from Massachusetts took all of the art created by immigrants down and will keep them that way during the whole weekend.

The works are either donated by immigrants or created by them, but this weekend, they won’t be seen. They have already covered them. On the walls, the places that were once covered by their work, now have a label that specifies they are created by immigrants.

The museum has entitled this initiative “Art-Less.” They want to express the impact these people have, especially when it comes to art.

A spokesperson from the museum says that this will show how their place would look like if these people haven’t contributed. It is also meant to honor their work and the amazing gifts they made.

One of the most popular work they had displayed was the portray of George Washington. Now, it is gone for the weekend.

The portray is created by a German immigrant. He came to the United States in the 70’s. His work was also received by the museum from an immigrant.

According to the museum, more than twenty per cent of the works they have come from immigrant sources.

This weekend, the Americans were supposed to celebrate the President’s Day, but this year the celebrations are much different than usual. President Donald Trump definitely changed the way this day was celebrated.