We all knew there are six continents in the world, but a new hypothesis is changing the maps of the planet. A study claims that there is a seventh continent that has been detected recently, called Zealandia.

The scientists say that this is not necessarily a new discovery, but a confirmation of what they have been studying in the last 10 years, but back then they didn’t have enough sustainable data to make an official conclusion.

The new study claims that New Zeeland and New Caledonia are part of a different continental crust than Australia and the specialists in geology incline to accept this assumption. One of the researchers that wasn’t involved in the study say that his colleagues came up with some solid proofs in order to sustain the existence if Zealandia.

The concept is not a new one. The word “Zealandia” was first used 22 years ago, although it wasn’t created to describe a continent, but the entire collection of islands in the area.

It is necessary for the understanding the dynamics of the continental crusts create more proofs and make further analysis on Zealandia because the scientific value of the discovery is not just a name on a list of continents, but an information that could change the understanding of the planet, claim the researchers. Also, there could be some economic effects after the official acceptance of the new continent. What is a part of New Zeeland and what isn’t?

The United Nations determined that under New Zeeland there are a lot of fuel reserves and minerals hidden in the continental crust.