Lisa Niemi Swayze decided to organize a bid this April to sell her husband’s most valuable objects, in order to keep his image alive. She declared that the event will include some of the items that he loved the most, like the tuxedo we wore at the Oscars in 1989. That was the first tuxedo he bought in his life and he was very fond of it.

Lisa was married to Patrick for 34 years and she decided now that is the time to sell at the auction some of the artist’s items. At the age of 60, she announced that the event will take place in April, in Los Angeles.  Patrick Swayze died in 2009 after was diagnosed with cancer and he lost the battle.

The widow told People Magazine that in spite of her loss, she is eager to share with Patrick’s fans some of the most valuable objects, saying that she has waited for this moment for some years now and the thought of other people’s happiness gives her power.

Among the items put out on auction, there is the leather jacket that Patrick Swayze wore in Dirty Dancing back in 1987 and he used to love that piece of clothing very much. Every object has it’s own story and tells a lot about how Patrick used to be, said Lisa.

Also, his fans can buy other costumes the actor has used in different movies, like Point Break or Ghost.

A big part of the money will go to an organization that take care of the patients suffering from pancreatic cancer.