Rob Kardashian and his baby mama have split up once again.

The two dated years back and got back together a couple of years ago. Since then, they got engaged, had a baby and managed to break up several times. This week, it happened again, but is this really the end?

According to rumors, Blac Chyna disappeared for a few days with saying anything. Now, they live in separate places.

Apparently, Rob was the one to put an end. He thinks this is the right decision as her actions are confusing.

The last time they broke up was in December. Blac took their baby and all of her stuff and moved out, then, Rob was left heartbroken. They got back a few days later.

Sources close to the family say that things haven’t been too good between them since then. Blac moved back with the 29-year-old in the home bought by momager Kris.

They have constant fights, screaming at each other. Another issue is that the Kardashian clan doesn’t like her that much.

His family now worries for his health. They fear he will get to the hospital again. Rob has diabetes and this brought him to the hospital in the past.

As they have been fighting all the time, his family worry he might gain more weight. Little baby Dream being in the middle is also hard to take.

He is now eating based on his emotions and this could not end up good for him.

It’s still not sure if these two will get back together. It would be no surprise as they have done it several times before.