The former Prime Minister contests the result of the referendum that pushed the United Kingdom outside of the EU. He claims the people voted without being aware of the effects Brexit might have on them.

Blair is accusing Theresa May that her actions of insisting for the UK to get out of the European community were impetuous and risky and claims that people have the right to change their minds. He is asking the citizens not to despair or be indifferent because this is the time when they have to stand up for what is right and what they believe in.

Theresa May will have a meeting with the French homonym while Blair will keep his speech to the nation. The French Prime Minister is supporting a report made by her country’s Parliament that shows Britain won’t be doing any better after the Brexit, and the effects for the citizens will be devastating.

Will all the analysis of France or the voices of the opposition, the UK Government is insisting on passing the Brexit as it has been formulated, as soon as possible. Next week the House of Lords will start the debate on the law and if it will be passed, the Prime Minister can start the procedures to get Britain out of the European Union in 2019.

Tony Blair claims that the actual Government is making only the policy of Brexit, without any other intentions of plans of leading the country and the people who voted at the referendum in June have all the right to change their minds, as they weren’t informed about the real effects of Brexit.