New series inspired by the world’s most watched election

The ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ team reunites for a new mini-series.

The new TV show will focus on the presidential elections of 2016 and on the dispute between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Oscar-winning producer Mark Boal for ‘The Hurt Locker’ script will write the scenario for the new mini-series.

Meanwhile, Megan Ellison is set to become an executive producer.

Ellis is a big-time TV producer in Hollywood and her most recent projects include ‘Foxcatcher’, ‘American Hustle’ and ‘Her’.

The Hollywood Reporter editor-in-chief Hugo Lindgren will form a team of investigation journalists, who will help Boal during his scenario preparation process.

Mark Boal marks another collaboration with director Katheryn Bigelow.

The dynamic duo worked together at ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and they also collaborated for a new movie drama about the riots from Detroit.

The new movie will hit the theaters in summer and the main character is interpreted by John Boyega and Anthony Mackie.

Meanwhile, the American writer is working on the second season of ‘Serial’ and ‘Uncharted’.

On Megan Ellison’s agenda is comedy ‘Downsizing’, directed by Alexander Payne and Paul Thomas Anderson’s drama, starring Daniel Day-Lewis.