vitamin d

Death caused by respiratory infections began to be more and more common. In the US, more than ten per cent of the cases that ask for the assistance of doctors are caused by this issue.

Worldwide, 2.65 million deaths similar to pneumonia were encountered in 2013.

The illnesses in the respiratory system occur from a series of factors: pollution, smoking, overcrowding.

Scientists believe vitamin D is the answer. As they first discovered that a deficiency of this vitamin is a cause, then the key to preventing the illness is it.

Vitamin D has great properties in the immune system, because it fights infections.

However, there are still scientists that do no believe in this theory. Many tests were ran, but a concrete result hasn’t been made.

A group of researchers from around the globe recently published their study. They used individual data from every patient. After they administrated Vitamin D, they realized that 12% of them didn’t suffer of respiratory infections.

The intake doesn’t have any side effects, so taking is completely safe. If this proves to be right, then the millions of illnesses around the globe can be prevented. Testes still need to be taken and by a larger team.

It is fundamental to see if this method really works, as it can be the key to fighting these common diseases.

A good thing about vitamin D is that it can be taken not only from supplements, but from a wide range of foods: fish, oranges, dairy, eggs.