The fear expressed by the American people towards the Islamic terrorism is strongly related to Washington’s policy in the Middle East.

Especially, if we judge by the most recent atrocities, military conflicts and, of course, US’ position towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The opposition gets most of the attention and an eloquent example of this side effect must be Donald Trump’s executive order.

Obviously, the reactions transformed into protests

If we take into account some online surveys, most Americans completely disagree with these interdictions.

However, if we judge by some terrorism speeches of our politicians, Donald Trump’s makes sense.

So, why are the Americans so afraid of Muslims? The answer is decades of denial regarding America’s role in the global sphere.

During an interview offered in March, Donald Trump was struggling to explain what’s with this ‘hate’ redirected towards the US.

‘I think they hate us. There is a huge hate and we must get to the bottom of it’, replied Trump.

After his victory was asserted, Donald Trump approached the ‘terrorism’ subject once again during his victory speech.

‘The Islamic terrorism – this is certainly something that no one will fully understand’

However, when Trump’s predecessor became president he had two options: to speak the truth about how the United States destroyed the Middle East and the main factor that led to this type of terrorism and the second one was to coordinate the Middle East policy with a more ‘rational’ approach than Bush’s administration.

Obviously, he went for the second one.

In conclusion, by choosing this path, Obama admitted that ‘Islam has nothing to do with terrorism’.