The stadium in Brazil is now in a terrible state only six months after the Rio games. The venue had a fortune involved in the building so it is unexpected to see it like this now.

More than twelve billion dollars were involved in this project. Other billions were given to bring the games in the Brazilian city.

A few months ago, when the game was held, the stadium was in a perfect state. Now, the difference is shocking.

Indeed, the country is dealing with some major economic problems.

Pictures of the stadium taken these days emerged to the internet. The arenas are almost falling down.

A part of the stadium was supposed to be transformed into schools, but there is no such sign.

The pools look filthy and abandoned, while the field from Maracana that was once beautiful and green is now the opposite. This stadium hosted three years ago the World Cup.

Also, the stadium has no electricity because of the large debts.

Now, the only questions that remains to be said is: what is doing to happen with it?

The Government is still in debts and the games left a hole as well. The country has been spending a lot of money into bringing these games there. Citizens were not happy about it. In 2014, for the World Cup, they invested over eleven million dollars, which brought the people into the streets for protests.

The Festival of Rio is also planned soon, but some are thinking about not hosting one this year, as there aren’t enough resources.