The Sirtfood Diet is supposed to be the diet that helped Adele lose a huge amount of weight, looking good and healthy.

The artist’s meal plan was created by two British nutritionists and has two phases of 7 and 14 days and it’s based on ailments high in protein. This changes a bit the laws of the diets as we knew them and encourages high protein sources, as the doctors believe the intake of this kind of foods can activate genetic ways to increase the calories burning and slowing the aging process.

The authors of the meal plan, Aidan Goggins, and Glen Matten, published their book last years and seem to have more and more followers, as they allow the intake of red wine and dark chocolate. Those two ailments seem to have resveratrol, an antioxidant that can activate the beneficial enzymes of the weight loss process.

The first phase of the diet has 7 days and the nutritionists are recommending an intake of maximum 1000 calories per day, with 3 green smoothies and high protein aliments. There are some voices that consider that the amount of the calories is too low, as a woman needs around 1600 kcal per day and a man at least 2000.

The second phase of the diet has 14 days and has no restrictions regarding the number of calories. The specialists recommend eating 3 high protein meals a day and having at least a green healthy smoothie.

Even though Adele has a great appearance and her look is more glamorous than ever, you should know that the side effects of the diet haven’t been studied yet. Also, it’s recommended to ask a doctor to monitor your health while following the diet.