Ever wondered which are the most congested cities across the US? Well, if you are living in Los Angeles, you should know you are the big winner. Right behind you are Moscow, New York, and San Francisco.

A private firm, INRIX decided to make a complex study in order to show what are the most congested places in the world, analyzing more than 1000 cities and came up with an awful conclusion: the average LA driver spends each ear around 104 hours stuck in the traffic, paying more than $2400 on fuel.

Maybe unexpected, but Moscow seems to be in the second place in the top of the most congested cities on the planet, but the supremacy goes right back in the US, as San Francisco and New York are right in the back of the Russian capital.

Last year alone, during the traffic peaks, the New Yorkers spend in traffic 89 hours, while the drivers in San Francisco spend around 83 hours.

One of the researchers declared that the prices of the fuel haven’t increased very much during the last few years, and that might be a reason why people are using their cars so much. Also, he mentions the economic growth of the region, which means there are more jobs in those cities, and automatically more people who have to commute.

Even though the ride share concept has developed in the last years also, people seem to prefer to use their personal cars, even if that means to use a car for one person and spend hours stuck in traffic. And even if they want to leave their cars at home, the cargo transportation is also growing, so the traffic values aren’t likely to decrease in the next years.

Those values are costing the drivers also productivity and income losses. For example, last year in New York, the average loss of production was over $2500 for each driver, and the city lost about $17 billion. San Francisco is better, but still with major profit losing, the average for the city being more than $2.5 billion.