The President of United States in confusing international powers, after getting confused himself watching a documentary on Fox News about the immigrants in Sweden.

Trump generated a whole puzzle after a speech he gave in front of his supporters in Florida, in which he refers to an assumed terrorist attack in Sweden because of the immigrants outside Europe. He declared he was shocked of what is happening in Germany and Sweden, considered one of the safest countries in the world, all because of the immigrants. The Swedish government was also shocked and asked Donald Trump to be more specific and give some explanations, as the country didn’t modify the security levels and they don’t have information about the imminence of an attack.

Until now, it’s not clear what the president was talking about. Sources from the White House say he got confused after watching a documentary on Fox News, related to the increase of the crime rates after a big immigration wave in Sweden. The author of the film said indeed, the violence has become more pregnant after the country decided switched to the policy of accepting refugees.

2 years ago, Sweden received a record number of asylum requests, more than 160,000, but shortly after that, the government reduced the number of the immigrants outside the EU that can be accepted.

The latest terrorist attack in Sweden was in December 2010, when two bombs exploded in Stockholm. The incident ended with the death of the attacker and the injury of other two citizens.