An Iranian hacker managed to hack a server linked to Donald Trump’s fundraising campaign.

The mysterious cyber attacker goes by the nickname ‘Pro_Mast3r’ and he managed to shut down a server used by Donald Trump’s campaign staff. was hosted by the security platform and content management of Cloudflare.

Although it doesn’t have a direct link towards the Trump Pence page webpage, the campaign server it’s legit.

The certificate is authentic but the browsers suggest an ‘unsure connection’.

The website shows the image of a man wearing a hat and the following text message:

‘Hacked By Pro_Mast3r ~

Attacker Gov

Nothing Is Impossible

Peace From Iraq’

The source-code of the site shows a directing link towards a javascript content, owned by the Google Code account.

The account entitled ‘masterendi’ was previously associated to other three cyber-attacks.

Meanwhile, the website was deactivated and cannot be accessed anymore.

The people from reached the one’s from Cloudflare to ask for further details but they refused to cooperate.