Last week was scheduled the controversial street movement against the immigrants in the US and it’s known that business across all United States suffered a partial freeze or even shut down.

The people gathered on Thursday in the whole country to sustain Trump’s efforts to build the Mexican border wall and accelerate the deportations, but the number of the participants is still unclear.

That’s not the case for some tents of workers who took part of the protest and claim they had no job to go on Friday after the immigrant manager ban their access in the buildings.

12 man working at a pub in Tulsa were fired after they didn’t come to work and forget to tell the manager about that. Or at least that’s what their chief said through a text, the way that he fired them also. The employees didn’t deny, but they claimed they expected to be sanctioned somehow, but not necessarily fired.

The managers announced they are looking for new employees.

In the same time, an activist against the immigrants told the media that six other people were fired after joining the street movement, but in their spare time. He claims that the works showed up next day at work and the management banned their access in the building. On the other hand, the directors of the company said that nobody was fired and there are no problems at the company, but the activist is still accusing, saying they made it look like nothing happened.

Also, according to a news station, other 18 workers were dismissed the next day after the protests. They were working at Bradley Coatings Inc. and told their colleagues trough the station that they think that everyone should join the protests.