islamic state

Iraq wants to take back the region that was once owned by it. To do so, they just started a mission against the Islamic state.

The offensive started yesterday and US gave its help. This could emerge into a huge humanitarian crisis.

Mosul, the area we’re referring to, is the last grip that the Islamic state has. This is the second largest city in the country.

The Prime Minister delivered the news on a local network. Haider al-Abadi declared that they want to unleash the citizens from terror. They want liberty and they will use force to get it.

Fighter from the Islamic state are holding captive a few thousand people. According to UN, many of them might escape and they will need places to stay. Now, refugees camps are in construction and they need to be finished as soon as possible. If UN is right, then about 400K will escape from this region.

A military from the US army declared that this area has been a tough one to fight, but they are giving everything they have and they want to raise to the challenge. They are aware of the fact that a victory won’t come anytime soon.

The Islamic state is responsible for some terrible attacks. The citizens of Mosul have been traumatized by them.

Until now, only the eastern part of the city has been liberated, the other one, the western part, is still under the Islamic state’s grip.

What makes it hard to liberate this area is the high number of citizens and the narrow streets.

People from this area are struggling in a major way. They are starving and children are the ones who suffer most.