Starting with March, Jennifer stars in the Shades of Blue second season, where she is portraying a police officer.

Drake’s new girl is Harlee Santos, a New York cop and, according to her, this new season is also the most exciting and intriguing so far.

‘I call it a storm’, says the actress/singer for

As revealed by Jennifer, the next season is pretty much focused on the disasters generated by the Sandy hurricane and on its victims.

The people hurt by Harlee in order to ensure her daughter’s well-being are many and ‘she will not stop’, added the beautiful Latina, while she was talking about her character.

She also offered her Instagram followers a little sneak peek.

Jennifer posted a red hot picture, wearing just a bath rope.

The story behind ‘Shades of Blue’ is mostly focused on Harlee’s efforts to offer her daughter Christina the best, including the most prestigious schools in town.

What it seems at the beginning a true heroine proves to be a much darker entity, who matched perfectly with the title of the TV series.

While she ‘serves and protects’ the citizens of her neighborhood, Harlee becomes involved with her boss and other colleagues in a series of dirty deals.

Her not-so-legal businesses will draw the attention of the FBI. Harlee finds herself in a very obscure place, without an escape.

The second season of Shades of Blue will start on 5th March, on NBC.