The fact that Kim is extremely jealous of her alleged ‘friend’ is not exactly a secret.

After she found out she is pregnant with Saint, the Armenian beauty thought this is her big break.

This is the perfect opportunity for her to steal the limelight from Queen B.

And she did… for a while.

Until last month, when Beyonce announced she is expecting twins.

Unfortunately for Kanye’s wife, her days of ‘social media queen’ ended in the minute Beyonce posted her famous pregnancy shots which took the internet by storm.

Beyonce’s announcement became viral and the Instagram shot became the most liked post on the social media platform.

Meanwhile, Kim became so frustrated on the attention obtained by Beyonce that she even thought about having a third child.

Another aspect that infuriated Kim was the fact that Beyonce hides the pregnancy from her.

The truth is, Beyonce hide her pregnancy from everyone and she went public when she felt ready to do it.

The Keeping up With the Kardashians star didn’t take it that way.

Apparently, the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Carter are going to have three kids made Kim go ‘nuts’.

In fact, Kim believes she is a bigger star than Beyonce and doesn’t understand why the legendary singer has to get all this attention.

Instead of focusing on Beyonce’s pregnancy, people should become more concerned about Kim and her ‘perfect’ life.

The 36-year-old is going through a very rough period and Beyonce’s pregnancy was the last thing she wanted on her plate, according to some inside sources.