Nearly five months after Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint in Paris have passed. Photos from the crime scene just emerged and show how terrifying everything was.

The incident was so scary for the reality star, who had to go through therapy to get over it.

Amongst photographs, a footage was also released. A network based in France got hold of the pictures and has the footage of the burglars sitting outside a café.

A photo shows an unmade bed and some items that were used by the burglars in the incident. Another one shows the tie that was used to silence the reality TV star.

As Kim told the police, the burglars gagged her and tied her arms and legs. Duct tape was used to tie her hands.

According to reports, five men were involved. They all wore giant ski masks to hide their identities.

Kim lost about eight million dollars worth of jewelry. But this is not what scarred her, but the whole event. It was terrifying and the star revealed that she thought she was going to die.

The police caught nine suspects, who are now imprisoned. They managed to catch them with fingerprints match and the footages from CCTV.

The video released by the French network shows a few men discussing in a café. They are planning the heist. The head of the gang has been caught. He revealed that they melted the jewelry and sold them. He also said that they were really gentle to Kardashian.

Some photographs show them escaping the crime scene and getting on their bikes.

The star is now doing much better. She seems to have gotten over the incident.