The president’s junkets from January cost the American tax payers the same amount consumed by the Obama’s for an entire year.

President Trump’s ‘official’ visits to Mar-a-Lago in Florida combined with his son’s business trips, cost the American people no less than $11 million dollars, reports The Independent.

The Judicial Watch organization estimates that Trump’s junkets in numbers are the equivalent of the expenses reported by Barack Obama and his family during his eight years in the Oval Office ($12.1 million).

‘This is an expensive way of running businesses and the president should be aware of that’, declared the Judicial Watch CEO.

Donald Trump’s three visits in Palm Beach cost the Federal Treasury almost $10 million, reports some governmental data from October.

The expenses also include the salaries for the Coastguard officers, who must patrol the area when the presidential family is nearby.

The chief officer of the Palm Beach department Ric Bradshaw declared that $360.000 spent on the extra-hours performed by their officers starting with 20th January.

Obviously, the money for the extra hours we’re paid by the locals.

As reported by Washington Post, $88.320 we’re spent for Eric Trump’s security team, during his trip to Uruguay.

The main purpose of his excursion was to promote a brand owned by the Trump family.

Another similar situation occurred a few weeks ago, also for Eric, in the Dominican Republic.

The situation is quite ironic, considering that Trump took advantage of every situation to criticize Barack Obama’s expensive and ‘unneccesary’ trips.