Every time Selena Gomez has a new man in her life, people freak out. Since she started dating The Weeknd, her relationship has been the most talked about thing. But, the singer is sick and tired of her being defined by her boyfriends.

When she dated Justin Bieber, everyone was judging her based on that relationship. Now, the same thing happens with Abel.

According to sources close to her, she won’t let people define her by the men in her life. She is tired of people talking about it on social media and judge her by who she is dating.

Apparently, the star is angry at her ex, who dissed her new boyfriend. Last week, she and Abel released brand-new songs. The both of them dissed Bieber in their tracks.

Although she has a successful career and various projects she is involved into, the star is still defined by her relationships.

Her relationships have always been the center of attention, although it wasn’t something that she wanted. She started dating Bieber when she was just a teenager. Their on and off relationship has been highly mediatized. Although some years have passed since they broke up, people still bring it up.

Selena started dating Abel a couple of months ago. Since they were seen out together, they are everything people talk about. Paparazzi are after them every step of the way. People bring into discussion their exes as well, which pissed Gomez.

She tries to be seen as little as possible with her boyfriend out. That’s way she chose not to attend the Grammys with The Weeknd.

Recently, she announced the show she produced, but no one seems to pay attention to that when her love life seems more interesting.