Louise Linton, for that’s the name of Steve Mnuchin’s future wife, revealed her everything in her latest movie, Intruder.

Seemingly, Steve Mnuchin knows what he wants in life. And that’s a glamorous sexy woman by his side.

Under the approving eyes of Donald Trump, Muchin and his wife-to-be exchanged their vows just a few months ago.

Apparently, Linton gained her fame last year, when she had been suspected of making up her confessions in regard with her Africa adventures.

Recently, Linton appeared naked in the trailer for her latest movie, about an outrageous intrusion in her house.

Also, the actress starred together with Tom Cruise on her way to celebrity, playing a secondary role.

In December 2016, the US President Donald Trump named former Goldman Sachs banker, Steven Mnuchin, in the position of the Secretary of the US Treasury.

Steven Mnuchin had been working for 17 years at Sachs. He filed for resignation in 2002, when he launched his own business: Dune Capital Management.

Also, Steven seemed to have other passions, too, besides economy and beautiful women.

We’re talking about Steve’s interest in the movie industry. He proved his love by investing in various movies produced by 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros, such as Mad Max or Avatar.

Is Steve’s passion inspired by his ravishing wife?

Allegedly, Linton was harshly criticized for her autobiography where she recounted her experiences on the African continent, as she was just a teenager volunteering in Zambia.

Specifically, she described how her dreamy experience turned into a horror as she witnessed the armed conflicts that surrounded the area.

Her book provoked widespread brickbats after she had been accused her story was counterfeit.