The activist that are opposing Donald Trump’s administration is planning to gather on Monday to rallies all across the country, as an anti-march against the A Day Without Immigrants. They are profiting from the federal holiday to organize street movements in cities like New York, Los Angeles or Chicago.

More than 13,000 people on Facebook say are interested in joining the protest in New York, near the Central Park. One of the organizers says that they are aware that Trump is the current president of the United States but doesn’t mean they agree with his policy and they think that he is not representing the beliefs of the majority. She was mentioning his policies on immigrants and abortion laws and also announced that at the march will attend also string figures that fight against intolerance and for the rights of women.

The plan of the protest was initially set up in Los Angeles, but once it got announced on Facebook, the anti-Trump activists decided to create a bigger movement, in more major cities. For example, in Chicago, about 16,000 people said they are interested in the protests.

One of the organizers there said that is a proof of unity and it’s all because of Donald Trump and his attacks on journalists and on immigrants. She also declared that they want a peaceful protest, just to prove that the ones who are standing up for the human rights are united and are not willing to give up anytime soon. She also joined the Women’s March in Washington, the biggest street movement for protecting women’s rights in America.