Last year, the Australian government launched a new law that was really controversial. What they hoped to do is increase the number of children that receive vaccines. A year later and they seemed to have reached their goal.

More than 200.000 children received vaccines in this interval of time. The immunization rate in the country has improved by a lot.

The minister of health, Greg Hunt, is proud of these results, but he knows they are not enough. They are going to push harder until their goal is reached. They want their children to be healthy and safe and they will do anything for that. Hunt understands the controversy because the policy is about the health of their children, it’s normal to have worries.

The policy they implemented takes from parents who don’t vaccinate their kids some of the child benefits, which is roughly 11K dollars. Since the law was implemented, more than 140K parents lost their help from the government.

Only the ones that on purpose don’t vaccinate their children are included. The children who don’t get vaccinated because of medical reasons are excluded.

Once they implemented this law, they also made a program to easily see who got vaccinated. Doctors received financial help to inform everyone. Also, the children aged under five benefited from free vaccines.

While the government thinks that this is an improvement, scientists argue that is not. To actually get results, everyone should get vaccinated when it comes to certain diseases.

The government continues on working for developing a stronger health system.