The first race between autonomous cars took place in Buenos Aires and the event had a not-so-pleasant feedback.

The Roborace competition was just a small part of the ePrix Formula E.

Before the official race, the two autonomous cars started their own race.

Unfortunately, the competition didn’t go to smooth as the organizers expected.

During the competition, a dog appeared on the track.

The four-footed was avoided by the two vehicles and the drivers continued the race without encountering other problems.

The autonomous cars traveled through with reeling speeds (185km/h).

However, the problem interfered when one of the vehicles failed to estimate the right speed in the upcoming swerve.

‘One of the cars tried to effectuate a maneuver and entered the curve with a much higher speed.

The driver touched a protection barrier’, declared Justin Cooke.

Despite the incident with the dog and the slight impact with the protection barrier, the organizers labeled the event as an ultimate success.

‘It’s quite fantastic for us, because, while we observe these episodes, we are capable of understanding better what the computer interpreted at that moment’, said Cooke.

‘The car was damaged, but this can be fixed’, added the marketing expert.

These cars are also known as Devbots and they use artificial intelligence and a Lidar system to travel.

According to experts, the special sensors allow these vehicles to communicate with other cars present on the track and to avoid potential collisions.

The event was labeled as a premiere.