Herbert McMaster was named by the president the new security advisor of the White House on Monday.

MC Master is 54 years old and it’s a military general, who served both in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is taking the place of Michael Flynn after he was forced to quit last week.  The new advisor is known for his criticism for the country’s army engagement in the war in Vietnam. He also wrote a book 20 years ago, in 1997, in which he blamed the political and military forces for the effects of the war.

Donald Trump said about his new adviser that he has a great experience and a huge talent.  Herbert McMaster is very respected and valued in the military world, so the president declared himself honored to have him in his team. Trump made announced McMaster while he was in his holiday residence in Florida.

The general in reserve who was assuring the interim after Flynn’s resignation will be promoted by Trump. Keith Kellogg will be named the chief of the office of the national council for National Security.

Donald Trump mentioned that he is pleased with his new team and he thinks that this combination will be something very special for the United States.

Michael Flynn was in the center of a diplomatic scandal last week after he misleads the Vice President about the discussions he had with Russian officials regarding US citizens’ punishment in Moscow. After the president declared in an official press conference that he is very disappointed with Flynn for not informing Mike Pence, the former security advisor had to take a step back from the White House.